Getting bored of studying thick books? Well, we have something to entertain you. UPES ACM and ACM-W Student Chapters brings to you, Dunk a Lot - An outdoor tournament where you can participate in a team of 3.

Pull up your sock, wear your gear, and get ready to witness some amazing skills. The event will start with a toss. A team will be selected, and a general knowledge question will be put forth to them, which if answered correctly, will give them a chance to shoot .If the ball goes in, you get to knockout a member from the opposite team.If not, you will be asked a bonus question. 3 bonus points will allow a team to knockout an opponent.The match will end as the teams dissolve. The next round will be much more exciting, with each step witnessing nervousness, palpitation and an adrenaline rush. The team may comprise of both boys and girls.

Presenting to you Dunk a Lot by UPES ACM and ACM-W Student Chapter.